Montreal Has A New Spa And I Can’t Wait To Try It!


Spa William Gray opened back in September at the beautiful boutique Hotel William Gray. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but I got a sneak peek and it’s something like we’ve never seen before!

A few of the services:

  • Thermal circuit with a Finnish sauna

  • Steam room

  • Experiential showers – with light therapy

  • Cold room – which felt like a high-end freezer

  • Herbal sauna – with fresh herbs

  • Himalayan salt room

  • Seasonal outdoor pool

Now there are two important details to know about this spa:

  1. You cannot do the circuit without booking a treatment and I mean, you might as well get the full experience!

  2. You cannot access the pool unless you’re visiting the spa which makes sure it doesn’t get crowded during your visit.

A few photos…




I’m tempted to wait for the next Spring/Summer season because I need to get in that pool.

To learn more about the spa and hotel, it’s right here!

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