Creating my dream bedroom with Endy & FLOYD


I was telling you recently that I moved into a temporary apartment until my future condo is ready. I’m really trying to keep it as basic as possible as I’ll be moving again in June 2018. However, two things I really needed were a bed platform and a mattress! It was the perfect time to refer back to my dream house Tumblr and get shopping!


For the mattress, I really spent hours of reading about all the cool companies popping online and what was the difference between each mattress. In the end, I decided to go with Endy, a proudly Canadian company 🍁.

I even filmed a quick unboxing for you guys!

For the bed platform, I picked FLOYD from Detroit. I just could not get over how beautiful and simple their product looked:


Let me tell you that it wasn’t easy at all to purchase it. The thing is that FLOYD does not deliver to Canada (yet, I hope) and I even offered to pay for the shipping but it just couldn’t happen.

That’s when I created a solid game plan to create my dream bedroom!

  1. Open an account with Kinek to obtain a delivery address in the US. The service is crazy cheap and they have a location in Champlain, NY right next to our Canadian border. For storing a bunch of heavy boxes for a week, I had to pay about $40.

  2. Have a chat with Genie and ask them if they’re willing to drive to Kinek and bring me back my bed. They said yes and it only cost $129.12! Of course, I had to pay duties since they went in & out of the United States just for me so that was an additional $150.

Overall, the total cost was still cheaper than buying a similar bed platform in Montreal and this one really won my heart.


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