Product Testing: L’Aubergiste – Planches et Apéros


I had the opportunity to test the brand new home delivery service by L’Aubergiste and it ended up being perfect for a bachelorette weekend getaway!

The Concept

L’Aubergiste offers three types of board that feature exciting products as if you would order them in a restaurant: a charcuterie plate, a cheese plate or a mix of both. The pricing is either $18 for 2 people or $30 for 3/4 people.

On top of that, you can also add items like a fresh baguette from Plougastel or burrata straight from Rome.

What I Ordered

I was given a code for $30 off so I decided to go with the $30 mixed plate. The delivery was very smooth and just on time. I was expecting to receive multiple products that I would then cut and place on a board myself but I quickly realized everything was already set.

The Actual Taste Test

The plate was delivered to me on Thursday night and we left for our weekend getaway on Friday. I did not open it before Saturday afternoon, which was not to be an issue as the packaging mentioned it was good for four days.

While the meat and cheeses made it to Saturday, the few crackers that were included ended up being soggy.

Otherwise, I did really enjoy the selection and not one bite was left after we brought a few baguettes to the table.

My Final Thoughts

For some reason, I really expected the plate to come on an actual wooden board. I think it would make the whole look & feel nicer as the actual cardboard plate did not highlight the products.

I still think that this is a good concept especially if you simply don’t have time to go shop and have a dinner party / happy hour coming up.

For more information on L’Aubergiste, click here.

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