3 Terraces In Downtown Montreal Brought To You By Group Ferreira


Once you become a food blogger, things can change in your relationships with friends & family. Every other writer knows what I’m talking about… The constant messages, calls or emails asking where they should go eat with as little details on their food preferences as possible 😂 After a while, you get used to it though.
I believe I’ve become pretty good at recommending places by throwing back a few key questions. However, there’s one part of Montreal that always discourages me when asked about and it has to be downtown Montreal!

Don’t get me wrong, the neighbourhood does count a few gems including my dear Dominion Tavern but there’s a lot of competition when Old Montreal, Griffintown & Plateau are all so close especially during the summer season for outdoor hangs.

Groupe Ferreira has given me hope though and I sure needed it considering my office is in Place Ville Marie! I visited 3 terraces that all happen to be five minutes away and quite liked my experience at each stop. Here’s some inspiration for your next business lunch or 5 à 7!


If you like Portuguese chicken, then you’ll love this place! Campo offers local 100% grain-fed Portuguese chicken any way you can dream of it: wings, soup, sandwiches, poutines… you name it! My favourite: their quinoa salad topped with grilled chicken. The terrasse is on De Maisonneuve between the restaurant and the bike path which I can appreciate. Unlike your other chicken places, they also serve nice Portuguese wines & beer.

Café Vasco da Gama

It was my first visit to Café Vasco da Gama. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked past it without realizing how great this place was, especially for a freelancer like me. The menu is wide & full of Portuguese bites (did you say sardine tartine?!) and they open quite early which could make it my new favourite daytime terrace to get work done. The restaurant/café is located on Peel between de Maisonneuve & Sainte-Catherine.

Ferreira Cafe

Finally, there’s Ferreira Cafe which you all probably have heard of before! If you’re looking for a fine dining experience while still enjoying the beautiful flavours from Portugal, then this restaurant will be your best bet. I like the effort that was put into making the terrace as private as possible since I’ve never been a fan of sitting close to running cars.

All the photos come from Groupe Ferreira due to too many clouds on that evening, eh!

Isn’t it exciting that summer articles have started already!? I’ve been away from Montreal for a few weeks now and I still have a few more days to go in Morocco & Italy. I cannot wait to get back and do what us Montrealers do best, chill on all the terraces & parks in our beautiful city.

Happy summer loves! 💖

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