425°F Brings A New Dining Experience To Ste-Thérèse

December 15, 2018

Montreal State - 425°F

I got out of town a few weeks ago to head to Ste-Thérèse for a restaurant launch. While it was my first time in this North shore town, the chef Frédéric Dufort & the designer Zébulon Perron both sounded quite familiar to me.

The restaurant took over an old Cage aux Sports building and redesigned the space entirely. I was impressed by how spacious the restaurant was. While Montreal has a few restaurants with decent square space, what strikes the most at 425°F is how high the ceiling is.

They really showcased that by building an amazing two-floor wine cellar with its own stairs in the middle.

Montreal State - Wine cellar at 425°F

The restaurant has three areas to sit in: a bistro, a raw bar & the dining room on two levels. They also created a beautiful market at the front for clients who’d like to grab something to enjoy at home instead.

Montreal State - 425°F Garde-Manger

The market offers a great selection of wines & local beers, on top of the amazing food options in the counter. All the meals are meant to be heated at 425°f in the oven, which is what the name of the restaurant stands for!

It was important for Chef Frédéric Dufort to share quality ingredients, including cuts of meats that would be hard to find or too expensive to afford if bought in a grocery store. It’s also a really smart way to reduce waste in the restaurant by making use of everything and it was endearing to hear him bring that subject up.

Montreal State - 425°F Bistro

So, how’s the food?

Because really, I’ve visited plenty of restaurants where millions had been spent on the design but the food experience was a huge let down.

I’m happy to let you know that it wasn’t the case at all at 425°F! I checked out the menu beforehand and it sounded interesting to me. It isn’t about featuring one type of cuisine but also doesn’t fall in the dreaded fusion concept. Instead, plenty of types of cuisines are offered and each plate’s flavours are delivered with a punch.

This is a great restaurant to please multiple picky eaters & also super fun to share multiple plates together family style. Two favourites of mine were the salmon tartare & the grilled octopus.

Is it worth driving out of town for?

To be honest, I don’t see myself jumping in a car and drive across Laval to get to this restaurant. I already have an infinite list of places to check out in Montreal. However, this place is actually perfect for two occasions that assure me that I’ll be back:

  1. On the way to the cottage! The market is perfect to grab a few items to throw in the oven on the first night of driving up north. It’s always when my friends & I end up eating close to midnight because we start drinking wine too early and got too lazy on prepping our dinner, ah!
  2. On the way back to Montreal! The number of times I’ve been away with friends for a weekend or a day trip up north and ended up at St-Hubert on the way back is pretty sad. Knowing that 425°F is on the way now changes everything! We’ll be able to grab a delicious meal at the bistro and enjoy such better food options.

Of course, if you live close to Ste-Thérèse, I urge you to check out this restaurant as I have a strong feeling you won’t be disappointed.

It was a pleasure to get to experience the passion for this new project with the team that made it happen. For more information, head to their website.

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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