5th annual Montreal Oysterfest

October 03, 2013

Ahhh the Oysterfest! After 3 years of hearing about it and missing it each year because I was away traveling, 2013 was finally my year! This fantastic event gives 100% of its proceeds to the Open Pier Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the sustainability of aquatic life. Some of the most acclaimed restaurants and bars take part in the celebration and offer original plates and drinks to complete your oyster experience at the few shucking tables.


La Boîte Aux Huîtres kept up with the demand all day while offering some of the biggest oysters I have seen in my life! However, I prefer small to medium sized oysters so I hung out at the general table that shucked oysters for all the restaurants and events for the day. (2 oysters for 1 coupon / 5 oysters for 2 coupons)


Many bars kept the alcohol going at the 18+ event. The Oysterfest is definitely not open to kids as you’ll probably get tipsy quite fast which isn’t a bad thing for once. ;)

Imadake really impressed me with their generous and audacious plate that also included fried takoyaki and asparagus wrapped in bacon! (1 coupon)


Koy was also generous with their fresh sushi plate and fried mussels. (1 coupon)


I have no idea who served this but seriously? It was all worth it! (3 coupons)


I sampled food from a lot more restaurants but a lot of them were deceiving and expensive (coupon wise) for no reasons.

In the end, the perfect moment of my visit was when I had oysters, a gin tonic and a comfortable spot next to the water.

Check out the website now to prepare for next year. For 2013, the $65 ticket was definitely the best deal you could get so do not think twice about the price, it’s all worth it for an outing that will probably last a minimum of 3 hours in a beautiful location.


Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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