My name is Sofia Shendi and I am the editor of Montreal State, a blog running since September 2009 born from a simple passion for good food! More than 4 years ago, I quit the 9 to 5 life after working for 10 years in top agencies in Montreal. Since then, I started my own company and get to collaborate on amazing projects daily.

With this new lifestyle, I have had the chance to slow travel quite often to discover new places while working remotely. This amazing opportunity has triggered a new passion for life and I wish to share it with you, dear reader.

Why is the blog called Montreal State? Because I do visit and live in a Montreal state of mind. The amazing city I grew up in has shaped me for the rest of the world and opened my mind even before setting a foot out of Canada. Plus, I love this city so much that I still keep it as my basecamp and love coming back to it again and again.

Follow me on my journey as I share everything I get to try, experience and visit. I swear you won’t get bored, whether you choose to tag along on my Instagram, TwitterFacebook, YouTube or this blog.

I truly hope we get to chat in the future 🙂

Welcome to Montreal State!


Sofia ShendiSofia Shendi
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