Après Le Jour

February 17, 2010

Après Le Jour Après Le Jour is a French fine dining restaurant and also an apportez votre vin venue. It’s located on Rachel, in the middle of the Plateau. I had never heard of it before but after viewing the menu online, I felt like I couldn’t be deceived with all the classics being offered.

Après Le Jour - Soup

The service started with a vegetable potage made of cauliflower and ginger, from what I can recall. It was good and light but nothing to remember which I find sad. Soups can be amazing and the best moment of a meal but too many restaurants skip that part by making a simple dish that will fill up the menu.

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For my appetizer, I went with the rillette and green salad. It was a great dish and I liked the integration of roasted red peppers with the paté.

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For my main course, I ordered the braised lamb shank in herbs. It was accompanied by a portion of dauphinoise potatoes and broccoli. Of course, my biggest expectation was the sauce since I was in a French cuisine restaurant but it was a great deception. The sauce was chunky and flavorless.

As for the meat, it was perfectly cooked and so were the vegetables. I was just sad to realize that more than 40% of my piece was made of fat.

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For dessert, I went with the Baileys sorbet. The taste wasn’t strong enough and it was a bit too frozen to enjoy it melting in my mouth but overall, it was quite refreshing after the whole meal

Conclusion: Après Le Jour is a little bit overpriced for the quality of the menu. A lot of expectation can be build up and quite not met once it’s time to taste. What really saves the restaurant is the chic decor, the amazing service and the apportez votre vin option. If you wish to try it, I would go with the fish or the veal kidneys which were the most popular dishes throughout the evening.

APRÈS LE JOUR ADDRESS: 901 Rachel E. PHONE: 514-527-4141 HOURS: TUES-SUN 5PM ALCOHOL: BYOW VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: No CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: $20-$40 depending on the evening

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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