Verger Hapi Brings Us A New Eco-Friendly Apple

November 04, 2018

Montreal State - Verger Hapi

A few weekends ago, I got to jump on a bus with a friend and get driven out to the country. I loved the idea so much that I didn’t bother to Google where it was we were going.

Montreal State - Learning about Ariane

Upon on our arrival, we got to discover a charming family business. Vergers Boileau has been running for four generations already and the passion for what they do was pretty obvious on-site.

The family invited us to introduce their newest orchard Hapi. This new name represents a more refined selection of products including, of course, apples.

Montreal State - Ariane by Verger Hapi

The star of Verger Hapi this year is definitely Ariane. Ariane is a modern cultivar of domesticated apple that was recently developed in France at the INRA.

The first thing to understand is that is it not a genetically modified organism. This type of apple was developed in a natural way that involved crossing a hybrid of Florina x Prima with pollen from Golden Delicious. The whole process took 24 years and it’s only been 10 years since the apple became available to the public. Verger Hapi is the first to make it available to North America.

So what’s the whole fuss about this apple and why work so hard to create it? Because of its mix, Ariane is naturally scab resistant which means that it needs close to 70% less of the pesticides a normal apple would.

The skin of the apple is so pretty by itself that it also doesn’t need waxing to become attractive to consumers in grocery stores.

Montreal State - Verger Hapi

With everything that’s happening around the world with climate change, it was endearing to meet a business taking the initiative of improving the way apples grow. I hope other orchards will get inspired by Verger Hapi.

For this first year, you can find Ariane in bags of 1kg in IGAs for $4.99. It’s delicious by itself and cooks well in a baked treat. 🍎

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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