Bonneau Chocolatier

December 20, 2012

Looking for a cool christmas gift that stands out? Chocolatier Bonneau has it! This lovely place located in the north of Montreal offers an array of delicious and unique products all created by the French chocolate master Yves Bonneau.

His latest creation is a tasting trio of chocolates to accompany wines. He developed the products while collaborating with French sommelier Alexandre Dulière, master oil producer Eric Vigeant, and Michelin-Star chef Daniel Cotar. I was lucky enough to receive a kit to try at home and I just loved it!

The concept of the box was pretty cute and the quantity just right.

From left to right:

Gold chocolate:Périgord truffle. Great with Merlot or Cabernet Franc. Green chocolate: Oil and olive concasse. Great with Sauvignon or a red italian wine. Red chocolate: Red pepper and raspberry. Great with Syrah or a Cabernet Franc.

I loved all three chocolates but I have to say that the green one was my favorite with white wine!

If you are looking for a gift idea for a wine or chocolate lover, why not turn it into a fun tasting experience? For more information about Chocolaterie Bonneau, click here.

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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