March 08, 2011

872a6 bu BU is a wine bar located in Mile-End on St-Laurent street. It’s been there for a while now but I never got a chance to try it before. From outside, it looked way smaller than what the actual space is.

As soon as I got seated, the waiter introduced me to their 5 à 7 formula which is so rare in wine bars. It involved a selection of wines for $5 and tapas from $3 to $5.

But after reading the regular menu, definitely inspired by Italy, I decided to try three dishes in their starter size with a trio of Pinot Noir. It’s always fun to find wine bars with trios even if BU’s were a little more expensive than what I am used to.

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The food was good but not outstanding. I was served everything at the same time so it all got cold quite fast. A few extra minutes of cooking would have made the meat more caramelized and the sides could have used a little more seasoning.

Conclusion: BU is a great wine bar to choose for a 5 à 7 with friends. It can accommodate big or small groups and also has a lovely and long bar counter. The food is well presented but the most expensive plates may not be worth it. Do go crazy on the desserts though!

BU ADDRESS: 5245 St-Laurent PHONE: 514-276-0249 HOURS: SUN-WED 7PM – 11PM / THURS-SAT 5PM – 12AM ALCOHOL: Yes VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Okay CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: $60 for a trio of food and wine

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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