Cacao 70 Opens The Factory In Le Sud-Ouest

May 01, 2017


Cacao 70 is truly one of the cool concepts created right here in Montreal that’s all about chocolate cravings - from the good old hot chocolate to the decadent chocolate marshmallow pizza! I have to be honest and say that I rarely visit them because my lifestyle tends to stay away from sugar overloads. However, with the arrival of the Factory, things might change ;)

The space itself is beautiful and designed by Zébulon Perron. The seating area has plenty of light and is ready to make all your photos look Instagram worthy, eh! Van Hien Dao, the Director of the Chocolate Factory, happens to be a solid barista who worked at both Pikolo Espresso Bar and Café Parvis previously.

The brand new location [it literally just opened today!] embraces the new bean to bar wave with the help of Head Chocolatier, Gaiia Kim.

My interest really peaked as soon as I went in and saw all the machines! I ended up asking a few questions to the lovely Gaiia so let me share five random things I learned from her:

1) The darkest chocolate being produced right now is at 70%. There is an interest in developing a darker product in the future, closer to 85% I hope!

2) For now, what is developed in the open-air lab will only be available at the Factory but they would of course like to share what is produced with a few locations. With the challenge of keeping it small and of high quality standards, I think it will probably end up being only in Montreal.. Talk about local!

3) It still hasn’t happened but the Factory’s Head Chocolatier plans to travel in the future to pick her cacao beans herself. Having tried myself the fresh cacao fruit, I think it’s super exciting to get to taste it raw and then see what can be done post fermentation.

4) Gaiia’s favorite machine is the wrapping machine. I didn’t get to see it in action but I did see the first batch of branded paper and it’s great! I’m loving the branding in general for The Factory.

5) Finally, her favorite type of chocolate is from Madagascar. So if that’s your jam too, I suggest to follow what she creates with her team.

For more information on the Factory, click here. Considering it’s so calm in that area on weekends, it might become my new favorite spot to grab a coffee and do some work. Check it out!


Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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