Getting Inspired At The Montreal National Home Show

This year marks my first visit at the Montreal National Home Show (Salon de l’habitation)! This huge expo is running until tomorrow at Place Bonaventure, which sounds like the perfect activity for a Sunday 😉 I’m always looking for new ideas for my future condo which is due for Spring 2018. Here are a fewContinue reading “Getting Inspired At The Montreal National Home Show”

I Sold My Condo, Now What?

I have a problem. Whenever I get very comfortable in one aspect of my life, I start finding it negative and try to put an end to it. It’s something that started when I quit my “nice” full-time job back in October 2013. I was so scared to start freelancing but then I realized IContinue reading “I Sold My Condo, Now What?”

Looking back at 2016 and getting ready for 2017!

December 31st finally has come! I love taking the time to review my year to actually take in what I accomplished (and didn’t!) in one year. I decided to split it in 3 categories for 2016: Work, Travel and Lifestyle. Work It was definitely a great year for me! I’ve been working with the same two clientsContinue reading “Looking back at 2016 and getting ready for 2017!”

Five Gift Ideas Discovered At Dînette’s Pop-Up Shop!

It’s that time of the year when we’re all freaking out on what to get for our loved ones without going broke but also actually finding the perfect gift! Thankfully, Montreal does not lack in Holiday markets. A new favorite was Dînette’s pop-up shop last week at L’Arsenal. First off, Dînette is a beautiful magazine that gives a deeperContinue reading “Five Gift Ideas Discovered At Dînette’s Pop-Up Shop!”

BALNEA Just Changed The Spa Game

I was invited to a press event about two weeks ago at Balnea. Located about 1h15 away from Montreal, the location is perfect to get rid of any stress. What makes it special compared to other spas is the beautiful land they own, which includes trails for hiking or running and also a beautiful lakeContinue reading “BALNEA Just Changed The Spa Game”

Silent Yoga At Bassin Peel With YogaTribes

YogaTribes invited me to the last stop of their Tout le monde yoga (Everyone yoga) tour at Bassin Peel last Thursday. For this last session, a Vinyasa course was given by Andrew Bathory. I’m not going to lie, I am no yogi but what really attracted me about this event was the fact that weContinue reading “Silent Yoga At Bassin Peel With YogaTribes”

6 Tips If You’re On A Cut

2016 has been quite an interesting year for me. From January 1st up to today, I have been doing a whole lot of tests on my body with different types of training and dieting. But why? Four years ago, I joined a Crossfit box after a bad breakup which had me reach my heaviest weight.Continue reading “6 Tips If You’re On A Cut”

6 Addresses Worth Checking Out From OUESTFEST!

This past weekend was 2016’s edition of Ouestfest, a shopping festival for Laurier West. Every year, it’s a great opportunity to discover businesses on this part of the street and enjoy snacks or deals offered at each location. Here’s a quick recap video from my first time attending!

Balnea’s Summer of Chefs Is The Ultimate Montreal Getaway

Balnea threw one hell of a party a few weeks ago to announce the chefs of the 2016 Summer of Chefs edition! Of course, if you followed my YouTube channel, you would already know about this 😉 I’m just teasing but start getting used to videos as part of my articles in the future! ToContinue reading “Balnea’s Summer of Chefs Is The Ultimate Montreal Getaway”

Where To 5 à 7 In Montreal When You Don’t Really Drink

Over the past two years, I have found myself drinking less and less. Don’t get me wrong, I can still enjoy a good glass of red wine with a nice meal. But when I meet my friends during happy hours, I simply have no interest in drinking too many cocktails. It makes me remember thatContinue reading “Where To 5 à 7 In Montreal When You Don’t Really Drink”