Digital Nomad Guide: Vancouver, Canada

I’m happy to publish my third digital nomad guide today after spending one month in Vancouver, BC! If you missed my previous one, click here to read about Tulum, Mexico. For this trip, I traveled alone. Vancouver, Canada Period: July 10th to August 10th 2017 Community: N/A Goals: Focus on me I knew I wanted toContinue reading “Digital Nomad Guide: Vancouver, Canada”

11 Addresses Tested In Vancouver This Summer

Hello, everyone! I write to you from a beautiful boutique hotel in Portland, Oregon. I left Vancouver on August 8th which feels like two weeks ago but it’s only been four days ah! To keep up with all the cities I am visiting this month, I thought it would be time to wrap up VancouverContinue reading “11 Addresses Tested In Vancouver This Summer”

My Top Places To Visit in Tulum, Mexico

I traveled to Tulum back in January for four weeks. It wasn’t my first time going to Mexico, which I love and find quite similar to Morocco, but it was my first attempt for remote work. By booking an apartment for a full month, it was the perfect way to learn about Tulum which isContinue reading “My Top Places To Visit in Tulum, Mexico”

Digital Nomad Guide: Tulum, Mexico

I’m happy to publish my second digital nomad guide today after spending one month in Tulum, Mexico! If you missed my previous one, click here to read about Berlin, Germany. This time, I traveled with my partner which helped lower costs on top of having a great time discovering the area together! When needed, youContinue reading “Digital Nomad Guide: Tulum, Mexico”

A Fine Day In Saint-Joseph-du-Lac

It might be hard to believe with the amazing summer weather we still have daily but fall is about to start in 3 days. I just love this crisp season as there are so many reasons to get out of town, like going apple picking! My favorite area for this type of activity is definitelyContinue reading “A Fine Day In Saint-Joseph-du-Lac”

Five Reasons To Drive To Hudson

1) It’s only a 45min drive from the Plateau Talk about the perfect day road trip! 2) There’s a trendy coffee shop, perfect to grab lunch & a drink In Hudson – Mikko espresso & boutique We fell in love with Mikko, plus they sell Kaito coffee beans which is what’s being served at Crew.Continue reading “Five Reasons To Drive To Hudson”

Discovering Louisiana In Four Days

Guys, I finally made it to Louisiana! I’ve been meaning to visit New Orleans for years now and I finally did at the end of June with friends. Two of us flew in directly from Montreal and the other two courageously drove down from Fort Lauderdale so we could all start discovering NOLA together asContinue reading “Discovering Louisiana In Four Days”

7 Places To Try On Your Next Visit To Toronto

The Blue Jays At The Rogers Center Don’t forget to grab an extra large hot dog and beer while you watch Toronto’s baseball team! The Rogers Center is worth seeing especially during the summer once the dome is open. Website Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar Early Bird might be my new favorite coffee shopContinue reading “7 Places To Try On Your Next Visit To Toronto”

6 Things To Do In Halifax

I visited Halifax this past October. My main goal was to eat as much lobster and oysters in a week which went pretty well thanks to events like the Halifax Oyster Festival. Here are additional things you could do in between meals 😉 1 – Go for a boat ride Halifax – Boat Ride HalifaxContinue reading “6 Things To Do In Halifax”

10 Things To Do In Berlin

I stayed in Berlin for one month this summer and quickly fell in love with the city. It’s a magical place where any Montrealer would have a good time. Even if most locals and tourists spend their time partying day and night, there are tons of things to do and EAT! So here’s a few ideas forContinue reading “10 Things To Do In Berlin”