Digital Nomad Guide: Berlin, Germany

You know what I’ve been dreaming about for a long time now? To travel the world for at least a year, visiting a different city every month. I once had the idea that I would have to quit whatever job I had and save up at least 10-15k but times have changed! First of all,Continue reading “Digital Nomad Guide: Berlin, Germany”

Lovely long weekend in Manhattan and Brooklyn

I visited NYC last weekend after finding a great promotion on Amtrak between Montreal and New York. For only US$90, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of trying the train ride and see if it was worth it for future trips. Overall, the train wasn’t horrible but for the time it takes (10.5-11 hours), driving orContinue reading “Lovely long weekend in Manhattan and Brooklyn”

Highlights from Key West

I made a quick stop in Key West last week. What a lovely island full of great people! It reminded me of my visit of Hawaii back in October but it’s definitely easier to get to Florida 😉 Considering it’s only 140km away from Cuba, the weather is amazing too. I only had the chanceContinue reading “Highlights from Key West”

How to stay healthy on a 10h+ flight or my health story

I will be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina this Thursday for the first time. I meant to go many times but the traveling conditions and plane ticket prices always stopped me quite quickly. This time, I finally gave in because my girlfriend was already traveling there for work and it just made sense to meetContinue reading “How to stay healthy on a 10h+ flight or my health story”

Grand Central Market in Los Angeles

If you ever visit downtown Los Angeles, keep this lovely market in mind for lunch time! With its array of food counters and tables, it’s the perfect stop in the middle of the day. It’s also a great location to buy fresh produce if you’re planning a meal at your hostel or apartment in theContinue reading “Grand Central Market in Los Angeles”