Chef Guru

October 23, 2009

Chef Guru is a fresh new indian restaurant on St-Laurent. You might think to yourself “Why, another one!? They pretty much all taste the same and give the same over fullness feeling at the end of the meal” but this one might just be your new favorite location! Chef Guru is a small take-out restaurant, offering a few seats for the ones who want to eat in location. The take-out idea was probably chosen to offer a fast service to the students coming from the McGill ghetto. The Chef is the owner and his wife and kid help with the service and cash. It gives a warm and sweet service with the Chef always making sure you’re enjoying your meal!

The menu is simple with the most famous Indian dishes including butter chicken and tandoori chicken. They also offer a  signature dish, a plate of fish & chips made up of Indian spices. As for vegetarians, like any Indian restaurants, Chef Guru offers as many choices as for the meat lovers.

For my latest visit, I started with a samosa. I’ve been eating those since I moved in the Mile-End but they are quite better at Chef Guru. I can’t tell if they are made there or bought from a supplier but it’s worth a try.

I went with the chicken butter like usual for my entrée. I’m a big fan and can’t force myself to choose anything else. The entrées always come with basmati rice and a delicious tomato salad with mini pomegranate, from my guess.The Chef then gave us a free jamun ball to complete our meal!

Not a very fine cuisine review but quite full of delicious flavours!

What really makes Chef Guru stand out from the rest of Indian restaurants in Montreal - except for the cheap pricing - is that everything is FRESH. No sauces pre-bought or made with cans. Everything is made from fresh vegetables and I swear your stomach will thank you for it.

Conclusion: Definitely my spot to go to when I have a craving for Indian! Quiet, delicious and cheap!

CHEF GURU ADDRESS: 4120 boulevard St-Laurent PHONE: (514) 281–0400 HOURS: DAILY 11h00 A.M. – 11h00 P.M. ALCOHOL: No VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes CREDIT CARDS: ATM machine PRICE: 11$ for a samosa, entrée and naan

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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