Chez Boris

July 25, 2012

0d20e chezboris I heard about Chez Boris after reading an article online about its savoury russian donuts. The restaurant/coffee shop only opened a few months ago and is already a hit with anyone who’s tried it.

The location on Avenue du Parc totally fits in with the Mile-End neighbourhood while having its own style. I really like how much open space Chez Boris has with the tables being spread apart.

The prices are ridiculously cheap for food and drinks. A sweet donut is 0,60$ while a savoury donut is $3. All are made to order and they taste wonderful and light.

80e83 chezboris salmon

I started with the most exciting one to me, a donut toped with cured salmon (in-house), sour cream, dill and capers. The whole thing basically melted in my mouth as I ate it!

c8bf5 chezboris pork

The second one was an asian inspired donut toped with pork belly, hoisin sauce, cucumbers and green onions. It was a mix of sweet and salty, quite interesting to try!

51cac chezboris beets

Finally, I got a taste of their veggie option, a donut topped with beets, goat cheese, walnuts and spinach. Very good and fresh!

One more thing that made my visit very exciting was to find out that Chez Boris makes drip coffee and it’s lovely! I actually ended up leaving with a bag of 49th Parallel to start making it myself.

The owner, Boris, is an awesome guy who is passionate about what he does and it’s a good thing because he does it well! Any item that I tried on my visit including the cold soups and the kvass were recipes of his and he always had interesting details to share.

It was very refreshing to try Chez Boris and meet the man behind it. The concept is brilliant, the service is awesome and the prices are too good to be true. Use your extra change to try a little more, you won’t be deceived!

Oh and the sweet donuts are delicious too, we left with a dozen that seemed to disappear during the day. The sugar and cinnamon donuts actually reminded me of sfenj, a donut found in Morocco.

For 3 savoury donuts, a cold borscht, a coffee and a bag of 49th Parallel coffee ($17), it costs me about $30.


Chez Boris

5151 Ave du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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