Coffee in Montreal

April 25, 2012

96fc8 cafe I don’t cover much coffee places here in Montreal even though tea and coffee take huge part of my daily life. I have reasons for this.

I did an amazing road trip last year driving from Las Vegas, Nevada all the way to Oregon, Portland. Las Vegas wasn’t really for me but California and Oregon were both beautiful and different.

One thing that brings them together is their amazing coffee (and wine, of course)! To my surprise, each and every cup I had was close to perfection and I felt like I was watching a cook doing it’s thing in the kitchen but for coffee. One example is the drip coffee easily found in any good coffee shop:

[youtube\]The coffee shops also work very hard on their look and I had the pleasure to visit some amazing places during my trip.

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I think Montreal is getting there but coffee is still not something that rings with the city’s name when people visit this town. Until then, here’s a list of places* to check out!

Entre le Café et la Plume (photo at the top) Café Neve + Flocon (same owners) Café St-Henri (serves drip coffee) Pikolo Espresso BAR Caffè in Gamba Kahwa Café Café Olympico Café Myriade Chez Boris (serves drip coffee)

I only included real coffee shops and not restaurants or stores that serve great coffee. If you feel like I should any your favorite spot, comment below and tell me about it!

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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