Discovering Old Montreal's Kyo

November 05, 2014


kyo Old Montreal’s izakaya had me over a few weeks ago so I could sample their menu over lunch. Kyo is located in the Place d’Armes Square and is part of the Experience Old Montreal group.

Lunch time was the perfect moment to visit the restaurant which probably gets more crowded in the evening. I enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and the excellent service. As I reviewed the menu, I realized Kyo includes non traditional dishes and I definitely wish I knew about those before!

Craving a Korean bibimbap? They offer one with Hamachi sashimi! What about a Peruvian ceviche? They happen to make a solid one with scallops and yuzu!

Kyo - Miso

I started my meal with a warm bowl of miso. The soup was lovely and very light. I can think of a few friends that can’t seem to enjoy miso and might think twice about this one.

Kyo - Sake Tasting

While waiting for the main course to arrive, I got started on a sake and prune wine tasting. A similar generous tasting of 4 sakes is available for only $20.

The bottle on the left was the prune wine which was my first time trying. I really liked it and expected it to be more sweet than it was. I already knew the small pink bottle that I get from times to times at the SAQ to make fun cocktails in the summer.

It got more interesting when I got to try the 2 clear sakes to the right. The one in the middle is produced in Japan and the other one is produced in Oregon by a Japanese company. I really fell in love with the Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo produced on the west coast!

Know that all those sakes were served cold as they should. I have learned in the last few years that most hot sakes are cheap and if you want the good stuff, it should be cold.

Kyo - Sushi platter

I was very lucky that Kyo’s chef Terrence Ting was at the restaurant on lunch time so I gave him carte blanche and he created this beautiful plate for me.

On the left: a selection of sashimis including organic salmon imported from Ireland and a very original roll of cucumbers with calamari acting as the roll On the bottom: a tuna maki In the middle: mackrel nigiris On the top: a scallop ceviche

Kyo - Scallop Ceviche

I was blown away by the ceviche! The scallops mixed with cherry tomatoes, red onions and leeks is such a great creation that I’d go back for it anytime! The assortment of nigiris and sashimis was also good and made of beautiful cuts, I just would have liked it colder.

Kyo - Desserts

Finally made it to dessert. I have done A LOT of Japanese restaurants, including during my Tokyo trip a few years ago. One thing I realized was that desserts were never the course to look forward to and it was even okay to skip them for more savory food.

However Kyo is the new exception to the rule. I totally ate these two delicious plates and I didn’t even feel bad about it!

To the left: Yuzu donuts with condensed milk To the right: Bread pudding with a green tea english cream


Overall, I loved my meal at Kyo and am looking forward to my next visit which would have to be on an evening to enjoy the full menu. I think this is a great restaurant to please a group that wants to eat different things. The hot options are as interesting as the sushi options and it’s a good reason to go sample some very good sakes. The staff is very happy to share information about what you’ll be drinking just like in a wine bar.


711, côte de la place d’Armes, MONTRÉAL, QC - 514 282-2711

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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