An Evening At Sports De Combats

July 19, 2017


Sports de Combats is a recreational sports center located minutes away from Ubisoft in Mile-End. They invited me a few weeks ago to try any of the activities they offer and there was no way I would pass up on this! I’m definitely not a big fan of board games but if you offer me games that are both physical and somewhat competitive, I love it. At first, I was tempted to book the axe throwing activity as it seems like the cool thing to do these days. The geek in me however won and opted for the Archery lesson. Plus, look at how happy my buddy Max looks 😂


I’ll be honest, it looked a little boring before starting the actual lesson but it took less than five minutes to change my mind. It’s a little bit awkward at first and there are a lot of things to learn but once you actually listen to the awesome instructors, it gets cool real fast! Small tip: don’t show up sore from the gym like I did. It definitely made the whole activity more difficult as it does require a lot of strength and good posture in the upper body.

It was hilarious to realize that once we both got comfortable with our new skill, they finally moved the range to a normal distance. The best part was at the end, when we could aim and shoot balloons. Something so simple yet so satisfying!

For the second part of our visit, I opted for the Rage Cage because — why not!


We all heard about those rooms where we can destroy everything around us but it’s definitely something to experience it in real life. The activity starts by going “shopping” and choosing 10 items we’d like to destroy. Trust me, the ceramic is the MOST fun to break! After, we dress up head to toe in protective gear. Make sure to bring decent shoes as glass, or whatever you are about to break, might get in there.

From then, we can go on to destroy it all. It’s fun but man, does it get hot in there! We also both realized that we actually were not mad enough to enjoy it fully. It was a once in a lifetime activity to try though!

We did hear about this funny story when a woman brought a big framed photo of her ex. Yes! You can bring your own stuff to destroy but for a fee, which makes sense when they have to do the cleanup after.


Max and I really had a blast at Sports de Combats and I would go back anytime! I think we need more spaces that mix fun and fitness these days and this center is so conveniently located. Visit the website here to view what other activities they offer and their prices.

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Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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