Experiencing The Perfect Fall Day With Les Vents D'Ange

September 29, 2017


I’m so stoked to tell you about Les Vents D’Ange and the Centre d’interprétation de la courge today! I’ve known about the latter for about three years now after stumbling upon it with friends on an apple picking outing. Since then, I never miss a chance to visit the Squash center where you get to pick your own amongst a selection that is rarely available to us Montrealers (plus the price is by unit and not weight🙌).

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On my visit last week, I got to learn more about the winery which was completely new to me.

Les Vents d’Ange is, first of all, a beautiful family. André Lauzon, the co-founder, charmed us all by sharing the history of the land and how it had to pivot time and time again to keep up with the demand in Quebec.

He was very proud to let us know about the succession of the land to the third generation made up of his two daughters, Alexandra and Catherine Lauzon, and Catherine’s husband Louis-David Rochon.

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Les Vents d’Ange offers a selection of 3 wines: red, rosé and white. They are all sold at the SAQ but seem to be really hard to find. Plus, it’s way more fun to drive to the vineyard! I enjoyed them all but preferred the red named Alexandra. All the bottle are under $14 which is a steal for local wine.

70adf lesventsdange food

What’s great when you visit the winery is that you get to access their squash land too and all the products they make from them. Eating at the bistro ends up being totally worth it with delicious and fun dishes including fresh squash chips, squash bread for sandwiches or some of the best brownies ever.

So there you have it, the perfect outing for your weekends! Drive up to Saint-Joseph-Du-Lac, enjoy the land with some fun squash picking and then finish off with a meal & shopping session at the front. Bonus point: they also make and sell beer! What don’t they do, really?

d91f4 lesventsdange pumpkin

A few more places to visit in the area…

I’m starting to know my way around Saint-Joseph-Du-Lac so if you’re thinking about going, here are two more places you can visit.

Verger Lamarche Nothing special about their apples but I really enjoyed their picnic area where you can order a few pizzas and fresh donuts! Tarterie du verger des musiques This pie counter is one minute away from the winery and the pies sell at around $6 which is crazy cheap. They also make the best apple bread which tastes like a big apple fritter. Also awesome to make a grilled cheese ;)

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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