Five Gift Ideas Discovered At Dînette's Pop-Up Shop!

December 15, 2016


It’s that time of the year when we’re all freaking out on what to get for our loved ones without going broke but also actually finding the perfect gift! Thankfully, Montreal does not lack in Holiday markets. A new favorite was Dînette’s pop-up shop last week at L’Arsenal. First off, Dînette is a beautiful magazine that gives a deeper look into the food world. The aesthetic from beginning to end reminds me of Kinfolk magazine but with a local vibe. The latest edition is definitely a stocking stuffer!

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I loved the event they organized at L’Arsenal! For once, we could actually walk around without bumping into each other and it was quite easy to get to know and chat with every vendor. I liked the bar area which gave me the chance to try Montreal made Romeo’s Gin.

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Without any further ado, here’s the five products that stood out for me and sounded like perfect holiday gift ideas!

#1 - Alvéole

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Alvéole is an urban beekeeping company. They produce honey in most of Montreal’s neighbourhoods, making it an extra local product! I love that you can buy honey from a specific area of Montreal.

You can purchase their honey online but I’ve also seen them at Boucherie Lawrence in the Mile-End.

#2 - Crown Pickle

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Crown Pickle produces sweet and dill flavoured pickles and tomato ketchup. I’ve tasted their line of products on two occasions and just love it. Compared to a lot of producers that offer pickled goods with a big kick, Crown Pickle prides itself in preserving the taste of the ingredients it uses. The ketchup really tastes like tomatoes and the pickles taste like cucumbers.

Their website lists all the locations offering their products, including Boucherie Lawrence again!

#3 - Dans le sac

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Dans le sac offers two types of bread bags. They’re the perfect bags for zero-waste lovers but also for people who want their kitchen to look on point!

The bags can be bought online but also in multiple locations including VdeV in Mile-End.

#4 - Djinn Sirops

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Syrups and bitters made a huge comeback in the last few years and it’s hard to decide on what brand to get as they can get quite pricy! A favorite of mine is djinn, who seems to push it a little bit farther in their flavour profiles.

You can purchase the syrups on their website, or at a bunch of locations including Café 8 oz. in Rosemont or Sunrise Cafe in Mile-End.

#5 - GuimOv

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My latest discovery were the freshest marshmallows ever by GuimOv! I think these are the perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth but also cares about what they’re eating. I particularly loved the raspberry flavour!

I can’t confirm if they’re sold online, but they’ll be at Puces Pop this upcoming weekend!


I hope these gift ideas will help a few of you out there! Don’t forget to take a breather and enjoy winter by having all the hot chocolate and mulled wine outdoors ;)

All the photos were taken from Dî / Photos : Sarah Mongeau-Birkett.

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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