Here comes another year 🎂

June 25, 2019


Oh hello! It’s been a while…

I turned 34 on Saturday and had the chance to celebrate my birthday with a few close friends at a nice summer picnic <3. Just like previous years, I felt the need to take some time to write about where I am in my life before starting yet another chapter.

I started by looking for a photo to attach to this post and when I saw this one taken at my accommodation in Lake Louise*, I knew it was the perfect visual to represent how I feel starting this 34th year.

It seems I have reached a place in my life where I can just be present, every day, instead of wondering what’s next. Of course, I still like to plan new projects and adventures but I also don’t feel a strong urge for change like I did in the past.

The place I live in feels like home, a space I want to improve and give love to in the future. It helps me keep a smaller cost of life while also having access to beautiful shared spaces. Also, living so close to the Lachine Canal means everything to me.

The work that I do with my clients never stops but I can also take a day off whenever I need to. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with each client that I have, and feel respect both ways.

While I am getting older, I have never been healthier than now. My body & mind both feel like they’re as good as they can be. My heart feels happy & full of love.

I am so lucky for all of this because I do have to deal with difficult things like my parents’ health problems that never seem to improve. We all have to deal with something though and in my case, it just reminds me that I always need to be the best version of myself so that I can be there for others.

So based on that, I want to concentrate on two things for this next year:

  1. Volunteer some of my time monthly to non-profits that work on our climate crisis.
  2. Take on a few new clients through my coaching business.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below! ;)

*There will be an article soon about my awesome trip to Banff & Lake Louise, don’t worry!

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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