June 03, 2011

There has been tons of reviews on Icehouse lately that I had to go and try it. The restaurant opened just a few months ago as Nick Hodge’s latest project, also owner of Kitchenette.

Icehouse features Texan food and drinks. It’s not the first restaurant in Montreal to offer this exciting type of food but I feel it’s the one that gives the most real experience.

You are greeted by the staff as soon as you come in and are either lead to the counter or a table depending on your number of guests. Our waitress offered us a choice between a fresh Bourbon Lemonade or a Michelada.

To order, you simply have to decided what you want from the blackboard menu and let the cooks know at the counter. Before getting our food, our waitress came back with a big brown paper sheet to cover our part of counter. She also made us notice that we had paper towel dispensers right in front of us on the wall.

I chose the Bourbon Lemonade to go along our appetizer, shrimp popcorn! The drink was lovely and was perfect with the shrimps that had a sweet frying batter.

Our second dish was a half bucket of fried chicken and it came along coleslaw salad, smoked potato salad and buttermilk bread. The chicken was sadly overcooked so I was glad we didn’t get a whole bucket. It must have stayed just a few minutes too long frying so its batter was easily falling off. I also got the same sweet taste from the shrimps so I was once again relying on my Lemonade to balance everything out. The couple sitting next to us ordered a lot of different dishes and were also saying how everything tasted just sweet.

As for the sides, I did find the smoked potato salad very interesting. I did not really care about the coleslaw after the potatoes since the dressing was a bit similar. The real star for me was the buttermilk bread! I could have eaten three of those!

Overall, my experience at Icehouse wasn’t the best. The staff was great and the service was fast but the food ended up all tasting the same and I don’t think I would have finished it if it wasn’t for my two Bourbon Lemonades. I did have a lot of fun trying all the different spicy sauces available at the counter!

When it was time to pay, my friend and I were a bit shocked by the bill. I would never pay that much for food that makes me want to run to the gym after! But it’s definitely not my last visit at Icehouse. Now that I’ve done the fried experience, I’m ready for the tacos and different appetizers that all sounded very good!

ICEHOUSEADDRESS: 51 Roy E. PHONE: 514-439-6691 HOURS: TUES-SAT 5PM - 1:30AM ALCOHOL: Yes VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Almost CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: $80 for one appetizer, one half-bucket and 4 drinks

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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