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July 11, 2014


Jargo The Jargo media launch was just a few weeks ago! The new restaurant replaces Koko Lounge at the corner of St-Laurent and Sherbrooke. I was happy to learn that the name stands for the architect who conceptualized the building back in 1915, Joseph-Arthur Godin and something that Fabio Broccoli, one of the co-founders, has the habit to do whenever he names a project in a building.


Pineapple ExpressThe evening started with drinks on the huge terrace that I’ve come to love when it was Koko Lounge. It’s such a great location and I have a lot of fun souvenirs from crazy after parties with Microsoft Canada and Boomerang!

We then proceeded inside to sample the menu and nothing was left out! Sadly, the lighting wasn’t too good for food pictures but I managed to get one decent shot of the extreme appetizer plate we started with!

Jargo - Appetizers much?

Top left: Meatballs with tomato sauche Bottom left: General Tao lobster Top right: Bacon wrapped onion rings Bottom right: Mac & cheese balls

Obviously, they’re not aiming to offer a healthy menu but are instead going for it and it’s definitely food that works well with a lot of drinks. Two fried items (General Tao and Onion Rings) were too soft by the time they made it to our table but considering the whole room was getting served at once, I would definitely give them a second chance. My favorite was definitely the mac & cheese balls, of course!

The second service gave us a chance to try two salads from the menu: the Spicy Tuna Edamame Stack and the King Lee Slaw. If you like the salad bowl at Kazu, you will not be deceived by the Spicy Tuna Edamame Stack. It was fresh and included big chunks of fresh and lightly cooked tuna. It was definitely my favorite item for the evening!

For the third course, I went with the 14 oz Rib Eye steak. Each entree came with sides of large bacon strips, sauteed greens and a mushroom medley. We also got to sample the 4 sauces offered including a delicious chimichurri that my friend and I managed to finish without caring for the rest of the table :O. The meat was perfect but I wouldn’t expect anything else from a steakhouse!

Finally, the dessert course was sadly a complete miss. I tried the mango basil pana cotta which felt more like jello and the white chocolate lava cake which was felt more like a microwave mug cake. I would keep my appetite for appetizers and entrees, at least for now.

Overall, Jargo was a great experience and I would definitely go back for drinks on the terrace and to share lots of appetizers and salads during a 5 à 7! I also confirm that they do brunch on week-ends and considering how big the restaurant is, it might become my #1 stop when I’m downtown and very hungry.

P.S. There’s a coffee shop at the entrance for a quick bite or just a decent Illy coffee on the go, pretty smart addition!

JARGO chophouse & mixologie


8 Sherbrooke St Ouest (St. Laurent St.), Montreal QC H2X 4C9

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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