Kinoya Izakaya

July 18, 2014



I finally got around to trying Kinoya! This Izakaya (Japanese bistro) is located on St-Denis and Rachel.

I remember back when it just opened how there was some sort of drama with online reviews and its competitors. It turned me off so I decided to skip it. I’m glad I did because when I look at the pictures of the restaurant a year ago, I think I would have had a totally different experience. The new decor is definitely more fun and laid back (plus, there’s no more pink!).

I went for lunch on a weekday with a few friends and found the restaurant completely empty which was great for us!

Lunch time offers a selection of bentos and one type of ramen:

I tried the sashimi bento and was pleased with the freshness of the fish and the overall quantity of food offered in the lunch box. I was also surprised to read that bentos came with fruit. All of our boxes came with four frozen grapes that we all LOVED. It was the perfect way to end our meal, simple but brilliant.

Kinoya - Sashimi Bento

Kinoya - Sashimi Bento

Check out this place if you’re around and craving Japanese or Korean food (more on the dinner menu). The prices are more than decent and the service is friendly and fast!


4250, rue Saint-Denis

 (entre Rachel & Marie-Anne), 



H2J 2K8

, Canada

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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