Lallouz Kebaberie

February 15, 2012

0043c lallouz Lallouz opened last year and already has three locations in Montreal, on St-Laurent, St-Zotique and Ste-Catherine. Its concept is clear, pay $12 and you will be satisfied.

I tried the restaurant on St-Laurent corner Mont-Royal recently and simply loved it! We were about 16 people and it was easy for us to all sit together at a big wooden table. As soon as we sat down, many pitchers of the lemonade of the day were brought to us - mixed with fresh mint leaves and just enough sweetness.

86b2b lallouz sides

While I was browsing the one-page menu, which I love in restaurants, our server left many types of salads with baskets of warm bread. I really loved the eggplants and the fresh tomatoes.

These salads are all unlimited so there’s no problem if you want more but it’s good to leave some space for the main dish.

5e090 lallouz main

The entree is the only item you choose at the beginning of your meal. In general, you get to pick two kinds of kebab either with meat or cheese. They are served on the same warm bread that accompanies the salads with a base of red cabbage.

I went with the lamb kebabs and loved it. They were perfectly grilled and the mix with the sauce and red cabbage made it once again a fresh bite. I have to say that I started getting full a little bit too soon because of the bread that is present from the beginning to the end but it’s something that I now know and I will probably enjoy the salads alone on my next visit.

I really enjoyed Lallouz and its original concept. I think it’s a great location for lunch since the service is fast and the price is quite cheap for what you get. Extra points for the decor and relaxing dining room.

LALLOUZ KEBABERIE ADDRESS: 4561, St-Laurent | 69, St-Zotique E. | 1327, Ste-Catherine E. PHONE: N/A HOURS: N/A ALCOHOL: Yes VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: $12 during the day

Lallouz Cafe Kebaberie

4561, St-Laurent Montreal

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Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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