Le Gros Jambon

March 27, 2012

e1228 legrosjambon Le Gros Jambon has been open for a while. The little dinner concept is behind the owners of L’Orignal, a restaurant I have yet to try.

I visited the dinner a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning and easily found available seats as soon as I came in.

It took a little while to get our part of the counter cleaned up and to give our order because only the kind man at the cash seemed to have this job so even if the cooks had no orders in, they weren’t doing anything to help. Let’s say that it’s a bit awkward when they are standing in front of you for 5-10 minutes and not saying anything back to your confused faces.

c8089 legrosjambon breakfast

The menu is simple and that’s how I like it. Our server mentioned the specials of the day and to my understanding, a lot of things are fried here, even breakfast sandwiches!

I decided to go with the most daring plate for brunch, fried chicken and waffles with beans and potatoes on the side. I heard about it so much in the states, it was about time I gave it try!

It was actually very very delicious and I would have eaten my whole plate if I didn’t felt chest pains towards the middle of my meal ;)

Le Gros Jambon won me over with the best fried chicken I’ve had in town so far. The waffles were made with horseradish which I did enjoy at first but after a while, it was a little bit too much for that big of a portion.

One last thing: it’s probably something that people don’t notice anymore since it’s always been so bad in dinners and breakfast venues but their filtered coffee was actually delicious and not burnt. Good enough for me to just go in to grab a coffee to go with a lunch box or pastry from the cute front of the restaurant.

LE GROS JAMBON ADDRESS: 286 Notre-Dame W. PHONE: 514-508-3872 ALCOHOL: N/A VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: $20-30 (oj is expensive and not mentioned so the bill can go up fast!)

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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