Le Maître Chocolatier

April 08, 2012

92adf lemaitrechocolatier Le Maître Chocolatier is located on Sherbrooke past Guy. It was my first time visiting the establishment offering a counter of sweets and a great array of delicious C.G. teas on the first floor and a tea house on the second floor.

I had been invited for my birthday by my sister so we made it a big family outing. We were happy to get seated right next to the smooth live band which became the main entertainment for my nephew.

72efc lemaitrechocolatier tea

If you’ve never been to a tea house like me, the concept is pretty simple. At Maître Chocolatier, the service is offered between 2pm and 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday. The price is fixed and includes a generous meal and a tea of your choice.

A tray with all the available teas for the day was left at our table for a few minutes. I had already met the creators of C.G. Teas back in December so it was easier to find what I was looking for. Their teas can be very sweet and flowery so I recommend sticking with their Pu-erh selection for something more deep in taste.

302d7 lemaitrechocolatier bites

Once we made our choice, we were all brought cups which got refilled without having to wait or ask during the afternoon. The food trays also arrived, we got two since we were four excluding my cute nephew who was still rocking with the band. We were encouraged to eat the bites from bottom to top so it pretty much made for a 3-course meal.

For the first course, I really didn’t care for the cucumber sandwich and egg sandwich that were both dry and tasteless. The polenta, foie gras and duck were delicious though!

On the second course, it was time for what had made Le Maître Chocolatier a staple in Montreal, their scones! That’s one thing they really master and the vanilla cream and jams that accompanied them were all delicious. It was definitely my favorite part of the meal.

We finally got to the third course, it was quite hard to get it started. The trays don’t look like much at first but you soon realize that you’re getting more than you can have which is great for the eye. I tried different types of cookies and chocolates and they were all decent but I guess I’m sold to my favorite chocolate places and I didn’t find them amazing.

We ended up leaving 2 hours later which made for a lovely afternoon spent in good company. Now the catch is that the price is quite up for all that fun, $38 per person. Even though I really enjoyed my time at Le Maître Chocolatier, I don’t think I would go back often for that price.

My recommendations:

  • Look out for promotions on deal websites as they usually offer two for one coupons so that you only pay the taxes and tip;
  • Visit their counter and take some scones and tea to go for a fun afternoon tea wherever you wish and for half the price.

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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