Maison Christian Faure

October 25, 2013

A new French pastry school has opened in Montreal and it also offers a parlour and pastry shop. Located in the Old Montreal, the beautiful 4-floor building includes a professional kitchen in the basement where freshly baked goods are made all through the day for the showroom. Christian Faure has a strong track record, working in some of the most prestigious pastry shops and Michelin start establishments in Europe.

Christian Faure

He brings his passion as a “Best Craftsman of France” and hopes that his school becomes a benchmark in pastry making in Montreal.

I was invited amongst many bloggers to discover both the school and the shop but also to taste the new brunch menu offered every weekend. I enjoyed my visit mostly because I got to meet the chef behind Maison Christian Faure and while he’s obviously a master at what he does, I also met a charming and funny man that really is passionate about what he does.


The first part of the visit was to regroup on the top-level of the building, which features two big rooms available for rent for private parties and receptions.

The second stop was on the first floor where the pastry shop is and the stairs that lead to the busy basement kitchen. The parlour holds about 15 small tables. The waiters walk through the room from time to time to tempt you with a selection of their pastries on a big platter, just like dim sum for the sweet tooth ;)

Class Setting

Finally, we moved on to the second and third floors where we discovered respectively the school level with many cooking stations and the demo kitchen where we were seated to attend a live cooking lesson by Chef Faure. I really liked the demo room because of the two television screens, one of each side, which helped not miss one detail from the demonstration.

Christian Faure seized the chance to make us a bunch of chocolate soufflé while complaining that they were either too hard to find or too long to get at the end of a meal. For that reason, he decided to feature them all fall/winter along with the brunch and he promised that a fresh batch would be cooked every 8-10 minutes so that you get it as soon as you want it!

Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle

To complete the visit, we proceeded back to the top-level of the building to try a few of the brunch plates and pastries. Let me tell you that I never ate that much sugar in my life but it was a feast!


I enjoyed my visit at Maison Christian Faure even though I had tried it before with my family for a quick afternoon stop. It confirmed a few things and changed my mind on others.

I didn’t think this location would be for me at first as I find the pastries a bit too sweet for my taste but I was very impressed by the brunch plates and I definitely want to go back for the soufflé which was amazing and an lovely way to complete a meal on those cold weekends!

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Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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