When A Media Event Made Me Eat A Bunch Of Bugs

July 03, 2017


After a few failed attempts, I finally made it to Space For Life/ Espace pour la vie to check out what they had in store for summer 2017. Space For Life is the brand that regroups Montreal’s Botanical Garden & Insectarium, Planetarium and Biodôme. It always feel funny to go back there. I did visit the new Planetarium a few years ago right when it opened because #space but the other two remind me of family outings from my childhood.

Our visit started by checking out the installation created by Patrick Dougherty. It’s so cool and interesting to see in person that I do not want to share any photos. I simply encourage you to go check it out from June 15th to September 4th.


Patrick Dougherty’s work process is quite interesting as he travels to a new location as soon as he completes the previous one. He also relies a lot on local volunteers who appreciate his work and want to partake in the project.

We were taken to another site with another installation of his and a tent ready to welcome visitors who’d like to learn about the process and then try it themselves. There was also a small station for children to learn while staying safe!

After that, we were taken to the Insect Tasting food truck right at the entrance of the Insectarium. I think this video might give you a pretty decent idea of what’s going on there!


Now, you might be curious on what I ended up eating and if I liked it.. I started with the falafel which is made with a cricket flour. It did not taste any different to me but the shell felt a little bit too tough. It’s hard to enjoy any falafel after you’ve had the moist and soft ones from Green Panther ;)

I then tried the crispy square with whole crickets. I have to say, it was quite smart to mix fried crickets with puffed rice cereals as the texture matched quite well.

Overall, it was fun to try because I never ate whole bugs before but it wasn’t an enjoyable meal as the eye needs to be as pleased as the mouth and it wasn’t to me. If you’re curious about the whole menu, click here.

If I had one recommandation to make because we’re in2017, it would be to bring nutritional facts to the menu. I’d like to know what are the macros for each item, especially how the insect protein compares to animal protein. I also want to make sure that the products are 100% vegetarian other than the insect aspect as it wouldn’t make sense to use animal products on top of insect products.

For now though, I think it’s more about the activity (and challenge!) of trying this out especially with your family during a full day visit. You definitely won’t be bored ;)

This too is going on from June 15th to September 4th!

For more information about Space For Life, visit their website right here.

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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