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July 02, 2013

I had the pleasure to try a brand new food tour in the Old Montreal organized by the charming Ronald Poiré and VDM Global DMC. Named Bar Hopping!, the concept is simple but effective: in 2 hours, a small group gets to try 3 different locations in the neighborhood. At each stop, a drink and tapas are included. VDM - Ronald Poiré

On to our adventure!

First Stop - Boris Bistro

Boris Bistro

We were received by the staff of Boris Bistro, our meet-up location, with a pint of Panaché (blonde beer with fizzy apple juice) and duck fat chips. Boris Bistro has a beautiful terrace on McGill St. The place was packed with a very festive vibe. I have been meaning to try this terrace for a while and I wasn’t deceived by what I found.

Since we were on a tight schedule, I didn’t have time to finish my pint in time. I think the size of the drink was a bit too generous for the time that we had (I didn’t want to chug!) so I would have preferred a simple glass of Panaché.

From Boris Bistro, Ronald walked us through the small and charming streets of the Old Montreal giving us a bit of entertaining history and enough time to take a few pictures of the area.

Second Stop - Accords


Our second stop was once again a location that I have wanted to try for a while: Accords! This beautiful wine bar and restaurant is located on Notre-Dame West and also has one of the most popular terraces in the area.

This time, we had a few tables reserved in the restaurant and got to meet the sommelier who gave us more details on the complex glass of red wine we all received. To my surprise, it was a red wine locally made in Oka! To accompany it, we were served an organic and local beef tataki.

I loved my visit at Accords and even though I had heard about the place numerous times, I never knew how important organic and local products were to them!

Accords - Taster

Once I knew what was the final stop, I started wondering if VDM hadn’t been stalking me because for the third time, it was on my to discover list!

Third and Final Stop - Communion


Communion is the La Buvette chez Simone of the Old Montreal. Switch the size of the terrace and the interior space, add the great wine and cocktail list and high-end food and there you have it! This stop was the highlight of my evening with its beautiful decor, trendy music and lovely staff. I think I stayed on their comfy inside bench for two hours and I didn’t see the time pass.

To wrap up the evening, Communion served us a cocktail of ice wine with vermouth and the perfect goat cheesecake slice with a rhubarb coulis.

Is it worth it?

I had a great time doing the Bar Hopping! tour. Ronald Poiré and his team are definitely passionate about what they do and I can say that I left the tour knowing more about the neighbourhood I live in than I did before. The restaurant/bars choices were perfect and exceeded my expectations.

The only issue that I see is the price. I believe $65 is a tad too expensive for 3 drinks and 3 tapas (they were more hors d’oeuvres really). You will definitely leave the tour feeling hungry.

I would recommend this tour to tourists who wish to discover the area since it gives them the “VIP” experience meaning that they wouldn’t have to figure out where to go and they would definitely not end up in tourist traps. I would however plan to go for dinner somewhere around right after to complete the evening.

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Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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