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February 28, 2012

23343 magpie I’ve been meaning to talk about Magpie for a while now but I never had the media to go with it. It’s actually become my number one date night location, at least for the winter, for my couple so I try to leave my iPhone out of the way!

But after four visits, I think it’s about time that I cover a place that I enjoy so much!

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Magpie has been open for less than a year on Maguire in the Mile-End. The location is nicely decorated and the main attention is brought to the semi-open kitchen and the beautiful wood-fired oven. You can also take a sneak peak at their meat storage room separated by glass doors next to the bar.

The best way to start the evening is to order a cocktail and get some oysters. All the drinks I’ve tried at Magpie were delicious and made by someone not kidding around. With time, I’ve gotten used to order the awesome Bloody Caesar which lasts me until dessert! The rim is covered with steak spices and pickle juice is added to the concoction for a great kick.

For the appetizer, I like to start with the meatballs. I believe they are made of veal and are served with a San Marzaro tomato sauce. The best part about it is the big piece of bread to share which is covered in butter and warm from a quick stop in the oven.

I find their pizza very generous so unless I’m going back home right after, I usually share one pizza so there’s nothing left to take out. Their margarita pizza is the simplest but most satisfying pie! It’s pretty, delicious and goes perfectly with Magpie’s spicy oil.

After all of this, if you can make it to dessert, I can testify that the crème brûlée is pretty good!

Magpie is a charming pizzeria for a week night out. Since it’s in the Mile-End, it does get crowded pretty fast so reservations are a must. The food is delicious and even items as simple as a Cesar salad can stand out on their menu. The only thing Magpie has been criticized for is the service that can be very slow. The staff doesn’t really give a constant service to the customers and tends to forget them once food has been delivered to the table.

Overall, I would have to say that it’s all worth it and it’s one of the best pizzerias in the Mile-End.

*All media from this post comes from Magpie

MAGPIE ADDRESS: 16 Maguire street PHONE: 514-507-2900 HOURS: Detailed here ALCOHOL: Yes VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: $60 for two

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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