October 03, 2009

Pullman is definitely not new to me. It’s always been my favorite wine tasting place in Montreal, especially now that the town has a new wine bar at every corner. It has the ambiance of any fancy old Montreal lounge but keeps the 5 à 7 mood going on until 1am. It’s all about wine and great bites! I’ve also had the pleasure to sit at the same table as Veronique Dalle, the chief sommelière, for a supper a few years ago and she sure knows her wine! If you’re looking for a place for a group to have bites and drinks, even if it’s for a beer, I highly recommend Pullman. You won’t get the drama that usually happens in popular places on the plateau when groups try to pay separately. It’s also a great venue to just got for a late evening drink with a friend. There’s always a table for two!

For tonight, I decided to go for a four-course meal (of tapas of course!). The menu changes everytime I go but I’ve never been deceived.

I shared a plate of blinis topped with a salmon gravlax mixed with fresh cream. The blinis were well executed and the glavlax was quite good but it was missing some cream. The plate usually comes with a self-serve bowl of cream but we didn’t get that tonight.

I then had little (and cute eh!) cailles that were just a tad overcooked but the salsa that accompanied the dish made it all better. It was a mix of fresh grilled vegetables cut in mini cubes and then incorporated to a light vinaigrette.

The following plate was mini bison burgers that came with a mini cornet of fries. I think Pullman is one of my favorite places when it comes to presentation with plates. Everything was good, these burgers are always a must.

Finally the dessert, churros! The plate involved a little brown bag with the Pullman logo containing 6 medium sized churros and a bowl of melted chocolate. Once again, presentation win! It was actually the first night they were serving these so when asked if I liked the dessert, I mentioned that it was missing a bit of sugar. I’m not a sweet person but when it comes to churros, you have to make it magic!

Now the most important part! Since I was feeling a bit tired, I decided to go with only one glass of wine but it’s good to know that the first page of the wine list always includes trios of 2oz wine glasses for people looking to try something new (well I always do anyway!) - always under 30$ from my experience. I was in the mood for a pinot noir - great fan here! - and our server recommended that I try one that was featured in a trio. Of course, I have completely forgotten the name now but it might have been the best pinot noir I’ve had yet! I think I will have to go back this week-end to try it again and get the name.

Conclusion: Still the best wine and tapas bar I know!

PULLMAN ADDRESS: 3424 avenue du Parc PHONE: (514) 288–7779 HOURS: TUE–SAT 4h30 P.M. –1h A.M. ALCOHOL: Yes but you might be asked to order at least one tapas depending on the night. VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes CREDIT CARDS: Yes PRICE: One tapas is between $6 to $15 usually - Drinks from 6$ to $$$

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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