Sizzle Pie in Portland

May 03, 2011

3ed05 sizzle1 Sizzle Pie has been open for only a few months now and it’s already well-known to the locals. I stumbled into it during my only night out in Portland[ia] last week. My friend wanted a snack before our next bar and decided to go in. I wasn’t hungry but since I had a few drinks in my system, I figured why not when she offered to get me a slice too.

I opted for the vegetarian looking slice available that night and was very surprised when it made its way to our table. First of all, I realized that the cheese on top was not only vegan but raw cashew cheese. After taking a bite, I also found myself very into the marinara sauce mix they used to cover the satisfying dough. On each table, you could find bottles of the famous Secret Aardvark sauce to accompany the pizza.

It was all way too delicious so we ended up going back the next Sunday during brunch hour. At light, I could finally notice the beautiful woodwork hiding the kitchen from the narrow hallway with benches. I also got to take a look at their full menu to learn that Sizzle Pie offers meat pies but their vegetarian and vegan options are really the stars of the place.

A pizza place not to be missed if you ever visit Oregon and if it’s too early (or painful like in my situation that day) for a drink, order a bottle of Magic Kombucha.

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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