Startup Fest: 5 Off-Site Lunch Spots Worth Checking Out

July 16, 2015


Le Cartet If you’re in the mood for a walk around the beautiful Old Montreal, here’s 5 locations that won’t disappoint for lunch!

Le Cartet

Located about 2min away from the site, Le Cartet is a beautiful restaurant that offers hot and cold lunch options. They also have a few tables outside.


Olive & Gourmando

Olive & Gourmando is a must in the Old Montreal and is about 8min away. Try the Cubano sandwich or the black truffle mac & cheese if you want to indulge or pick a delicious salad. The iced tea is also worth trying out! It does get crowded in there so take your lunch to go and head to the water for a picnic on the grass.


Atelier d’Argentine

Steak, empanada & chimichurri. Need I say more? This beautiful restaurant is also 2min away and maybe you’ll get a chance to meet the wonderful chef and Natalia Machado!


Brit & Chips

Brit & Chips is a 5min walk and the best fish & chips in town in my opinion. Choose one sustainable fish amongst their wide selection and maybe leave for space for an ice cream cone on your way out ;)



TOMMY is the newest coffee in the Old Montreal and it’s a work of art. Seriously, you will probably Instagram it as soon as you arrive! They offer lunch sandwich and salad combos and also sell Dose juices, a fresh juice Montreal startup.


Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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