3 Montreal Cafés Cool With You Working

I’ve been running my own web development & consulting company for more than five years already. When I’m not slow traveling around the world, I try to enjoy Montreal as much as I can and that includes visiting plenty of coffee shops. Being one of those people who shows up with a laptop, I’ve comeContinue reading “3 Montreal Cafés Cool With You Working”

Digital Nomad Guide: Bali, Indonesia

It’s time for my forth digital nomad guide! If you missed the previous one, click here to read about Vancouver. bali, indonesia Period: February 2nd to February 25th, 2018 Community: Hacker Paradise in UbudGoals: Focus on my meditation practice and rest Since visiting Tokyo back in 2010, I have been dreaming to make it back toContinue reading “Digital Nomad Guide: Bali, Indonesia”

Digital Nomad Guide: Vancouver, Canada

I’m happy to publish my third digital nomad guide today after spending one month in Vancouver, BC! If you missed my previous one, click here to read about Tulum, Mexico. For this trip, I traveled alone. Vancouver, Canada Period: July 10th to August 10th 2017 Community: N/A Goals: Focus on me I knew I wanted toContinue reading “Digital Nomad Guide: Vancouver, Canada”

10 Things I Must Do In Vancouver

I’m leaving for Vancouver in less than 24 hours!!! I like to call this upcoming trip my month of self healing because I’ve had such a rough and hectic 2017 so far that I need this time away to reconnect with myself. As a fan of lists, here’s what I’d like to accomplish for theContinue reading “10 Things I Must Do In Vancouver”

I Sold My Condo, Now What?

I have a problem. Whenever I get very comfortable in one aspect of my life, I start finding it negative and try to put an end to it. It’s something that started when I quit my “nice” full-time job back in October 2013. I was so scared to start freelancing but then I realized IContinue reading “I Sold My Condo, Now What?”

6 Tips If You’re On A Cut

2016 has been quite an interesting year for me. From January 1st up to today, I have been doing a whole lot of tests on my body with different types of training and dieting. But why? Four years ago, I joined a Crossfit box after a bad breakup which had me reach my heaviest weight.Continue reading “6 Tips If You’re On A Cut”