Maximizing Productivity 2.0

About 6 years ago, I wrote an article about my search in maximizing productivity. It’s funny to read this back now as so many things have changed in both my personal and work life. Back then, I was working 9 to 5 leading a team of developers and my main goal was to find moreContinue reading “Maximizing Productivity 2.0”

I’m Ready For You 2018!

December 30th. You know what’s coming up if you’ve been around here for a while. I review my year and most importantly, look ahead to the year to come. I find it so important to take into account what I was able to accomplish during the last 12 months. Everyone should really. I liked last year’sContinue reading “I’m Ready For You 2018!”

11 Addresses Tested In Vancouver This Summer

Hello, everyone! I write to you from a beautiful boutique hotel in Portland, Oregon. I left Vancouver on August 8th which feels like two weeks ago but it’s only been four days ah! To keep up with all the cities I am visiting this month, I thought it would be time to wrap up VancouverContinue reading “11 Addresses Tested In Vancouver This Summer”