425°F Brings A New Dining Experience To Ste-Thérèse

I got out of town a few weeks ago to head to Ste-Thérèse for a restaurant launch. While it was my first time in this North shore town, the chef Frédéric Dufort & the designer Zébulon Perron both sounded quite familiar to me. The restaurant took over an old Cage aux Sports building and redesignedContinue reading “425°F Brings A New Dining Experience To Ste-Thérèse”

Montreal Has A New Thai Paradise!

Siam opened last month in downtown hotel Le Crystal. It’s actually their second location as most people know them from Dix30 — too far for this one 🙋 They organized one hell of a dinner party which gave us the chance to sample most of the menu and see what the two-level restaurant looked like. The locationContinue reading “Montreal Has A New Thai Paradise!”

Found My New Gnocchi Place: Pizzaiolle Revisited!

It’s been so long since I wrote an article about a restaurant in Montreal! You’ve probably noticed this shift on the blog if you’ve been following me for a while too. I still love trying new restaurants but with my current lifestyle, it’s more for special occasions. Coffee shops though will always be part ofContinue reading “Found My New Gnocchi Place: Pizzaiolle Revisited!”

Product Testing: L’Aubergiste – Planches et Apéros

I had the opportunity to test the brand new home delivery service by L’Aubergiste and it ended up being perfect for a bachelorette weekend getaway! The Concept L’Aubergiste offers three types of board that feature exciting products as if you would order them in a restaurant: a charcuterie plate, a cheese plate or a mixContinue reading “Product Testing: L’Aubergiste – Planches et Apéros”

5 Places I Visited In September & October In Montreal

It’s November guys, what the hell?! I’ll always remember my 436 (if you know what I’m referring to, you’re a true local!) math teacher’s tip: divide 365 days by your age and as you grow older, it will show how little time you’ve got in a year. Okay, as I write it, it doesn’t reallyContinue reading “5 Places I Visited In September & October In Montreal”

Perché Is My New Favorite Rooftop Terrace

There’s something special about Montreal when it gets perfect summer weather. You know the evening will end up being dreamy and it’s time to make plans for cocktails and bites somewhere out in the sun! The problem is that whenever I try to think of the perfect location that serves solid cocktails, food and actuallyContinue reading “Perché Is My New Favorite Rooftop Terrace”

An Evening At Sports De Combats

Sports de Combats is a recreational sports center located minutes away from Ubisoft in Mile-End. They invited me a few weeks ago to try any of the activities they offer and there was no way I would pass up on this! I’m definitely not a big fan of board games but if you offer me gamesContinue reading “An Evening At Sports De Combats”

6 Places I Tried in May & June in Montreal

It’s time to share my 6 finds of May! Enjoy 😉 Dispatch Coffee This [not so] new Dispatch location brings a breath of fresh air to the Main with a pure but effective design. It’s become my go-to spot for coffee when I’m on the plateau and in between bus rides. They added small touchesContinue reading “6 Places I Tried in May & June in Montreal”

When A Media Event Made Me Eat A Bunch Of Bugs

After a few failed attempts, I finally made it to Space For Life/ Espace pour la vie to check out what they had in store for summer 2017. Space For Life is the brand that regroups Montreal’s Botanical Garden & Insectarium, Planetarium and Biodôme. It always feel funny to go back there. I did visit theContinue reading “When A Media Event Made Me Eat A Bunch Of Bugs”

5 Places I Tried In April In Montreal

After sharing my winter finds with you last month, I am back with five new places I tried in April ❤ La Habanera I noticed La Habanera while walking back to the office because it looked so beautiful inside! A week later, I returned with friends to have multiple mojitos and yes, some food toContinue reading “5 Places I Tried In April In Montreal”