5 Things To Do In New York City

I was in NYC just a few weeks ago with a friend. We decided to visit for a long weekend and the fall weather just made it even sweeter. We both had flying points to use so it was short & sweet with a direct flight from Montreal with Delta. I have to say thatContinue reading “5 Things To Do In New York City”

La Cuvée D’Hiver Is Happening This Weekend!

La Cuvée D’Hiver is going down this weekend [February 25-27th] so you should plan a visit if you enjoy beer or whisky. The event is not necessarily about tasting products that you wouldn’t be able to find in deps but more about the social aspect of it and getting the chance to discuss said products with experts!Continue reading “La Cuvée D’Hiver Is Happening This Weekend!”

6 Things To Do In Halifax

I visited Halifax this past October. My main goal was to eat as much lobster and oysters in a week which went pretty well thanks to events like the Halifax Oyster Festival. Here are additional things you could do in between meals 😉 1 – Go for a boat ride Halifax – Boat Ride HalifaxContinue reading “6 Things To Do In Halifax”

3 Foodie Events To Check Out This Winter Around Montreal

Credit: Jack Lafortune, JED Lab Media Happening Gourmand Celebrating its 9th year, Happening Gourmand started last Thursday and will go on until February 7th! It’s easy to find a restaurant to please everyone and the fixed prices are pretty outstanding for the 3-courses offered. Kyo is a favorite of mine, which I covered previously. CheckContinue reading “3 Foodie Events To Check Out This Winter Around Montreal”

10 Things To Do In Berlin

I stayed in Berlin for one month this summer and quickly fell in love with the city. It’s a magical place where any Montrealer would have a good time. Even if most locals and tourists spend their time partying day and night, there are tons of things to do and EAT! So here’s a few ideas forContinue reading “10 Things To Do In Berlin”