Getting Through Winter

Last year, I was 8 days away from jumping on a plane that would take me away to Bali. It’s become a tradition (& amazing perk) in my life to run away to warmer locations as the winter season settles in here. Because of a situation I wrote about in my previous post, I haveContinue reading “Getting Through Winter”

Montreal Has A New Spa And I Can’t Wait To Try It!

Spa William Gray opened back in September at the beautiful boutique Hotel William Gray. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but I got a sneak peek and it’s something like we’ve never seen before! A few of the services: Thermal circuit with a Finnish sauna Steam room Experiential showers – with lightContinue reading “Montreal Has A New Spa And I Can’t Wait To Try It!”

5 Places I Visited In September & October In Montreal

It’s November guys, what the hell?! I’ll always remember my 436 (if you know what I’m referring to, you’re a true local!) math teacher’s tip: divide 365 days by your age and as you grow older, it will show how little time you’ve got in a year. Okay, as I write it, it doesn’t reallyContinue reading “5 Places I Visited In September & October In Montreal”

Two Events You Should Already Mark In Your Calendar For 2018

We all know how overwhelming the Fall season can be. Lots of projects to wrap up for the year, friends & family to see in case they skip town for the holidays and the rain that just makes you want to stay home. That’s why I really wanted to talk about these events that youContinue reading “Two Events You Should Already Mark In Your Calendar For 2018”

Experiencing The Perfect Fall Day With Les Vents D’Ange

I’m so stoked to tell you about Les Vents D’Ange and the Centre d’interprétation de la courge today! I’ve known about the latter for about three years now after stumbling upon it with friends on an apple picking outing. Since then, I never miss a chance to visit the Squash center where you get to pickContinue reading “Experiencing The Perfect Fall Day With Les Vents D’Ange”

Perché Is My New Favorite Rooftop Terrace

There’s something special about Montreal when it gets perfect summer weather. You know the evening will end up being dreamy and it’s time to make plans for cocktails and bites somewhere out in the sun! The problem is that whenever I try to think of the perfect location that serves solid cocktails, food and actuallyContinue reading “Perché Is My New Favorite Rooftop Terrace”