Getting Through Winter

Last year, I was 8 days away from jumping on a plane that would take me away to Bali. It’s become a tradition (& amazing perk) in my life to run away to warmer locations as the winter season settles in here. Because of a situation I wrote about in my previous post, I haveContinue reading “Getting Through Winter”

Hôtel William Gray Welcomes Miracle Deluxe

Attention all you people obsessed with Holiday related stuff. There’s a full-on Christmas bar pop-up happening on the rooftop of Hôtel William Gray! The Christmas bar is open from December 1st to December 31st and offers a very original holiday menu, including some delicious bites! The cocktails are not cheap but they’re not weak either soContinue reading “Hôtel William Gray Welcomes Miracle Deluxe”