TasteBuds Boutique - A New Foodie Platform For The Local Lovers

November 07, 2017


I discovered TasteBuds Boutique just a few weeks ago at their launch party. This online marketplace aims to give visibility to local artisans while offering a modern and local shopping experience to Canadians.

The event was great as it gave us a chance to meet the first group of creators picked for the launch.

I’ve been trying really hard to not get on the holiday hype too early but I think it’s time we start thinking about special gifts for our loved ones (if you’re into that) so enjoy some inspiration by yours truly ;)


La Lichée makes some solid caramels! I tried the chocolate caramel on top of some coconut ice cream and it was magic.


Les Charlatans is one of my favorite syrup company in town. The owner is passionate about what she creates and it shows in the product. I’m a bit obsessed with the Strawberry & sichuan pepper syrup, which I even use on top of pancakes!


Mamba is the one and only peanut butter you should purchase in Montreal. This spicy haitien peanut butter is so damn good and you can guess it works with both sweet and savory plates. So. good.


Nos Cabanes was new to me. I pretty much ran to the table once I noticed how beautiful the bottles were. They actually come from Italy as the owner wanted to encourage people to keep the container and reuse it as the maple syrup bottle. Each colored tag represents a different region which means smaller batches too! Nos Cabanes even offers an organic maply syrup.


Camerises Mistouk was the biggest discovery for me as I had never tasted this superfruit before. I have since learned that its popularity is growing slowly but surely! I pretty much tasted all the selection and was quite pleased by the hot sauce and the tonic.


Make sure to check out TasteBuds Boutique right here and if you’re an artisan yourself, learn more about how you can join this local marketplace here!

Happy shopping 🎉

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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