The Sparrow

November 28, 2009

I finally got to try The Sparrow after several attempts in the past months! The idea of going as a group was not so smart as the place only has 20 small tables or so. They did think of adding a long bench to the entrance with newspapers and coffee or juice is offered while waiting.

The Sparrow hasn’t been around for too long, replacing the Mile-End Bar. The restaurant came with one mission, introduce English delicacies to Montreal - which is probably the only type of food I haven’t had yet in this town. It’s not like English cuisine, especially when it comes to breakfast, is really tempting with all the grease involved but The Sparrow made it nice and tasty!

As I mentioned before, the wait can be overwhelming but once you get seated, the fun starts. To my surprise, The Sparrow wasn’t filled with hipsters, maybe more at night. The place is gorgeous and warm, I loved the decoration. Everything was well thought out and the bathrooms were as lovely as the dinning room.

I think the service was decent but it lacked a little bit of communication at times which could frustrate some customers. Overall, the servers were sweet and available for questions as many items on the well designed one-pager menu might be unknown to Montrealers.

I was going to order the famous English breakfast, which featured bacon, sausage, blood sausage, potato and cabbage, beans and more! But I decided to go with the oven cooked eggs with celery root and oyster mushrooms. The dish came with two slices of amazing fresh bread. The whole thing was delicious and I’m glad I didn’t order anything bigger. Finally, all the plates ordered seemed to satisfy my table.

To finish on a high note, we decided to try the banana and chocolate doughnuts freshly rolled and fried on demand. It was amazing and puffy! A perfect conclusion to a rich brunch.

Conclusion: The Sparrow is a great quiet brunch location to go to if you’re not in a rush. Everything was lovely, even their filtered coffee! I am really curious to try their lunch menu, I will definitely go back.

THE SPARROW ADDRESS: 5322 St-Laurent PHONE: (514) 690-3964 HOURS: N/A ALCOHOL: Yes VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes CREDIT CARDS: No, cash only for now PRICE: 15-18$ including coffee and tip

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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