Top 4 - Best Sweet Spots in Montreal 2011

December 06, 2011

Montreal has so much to offer for the sweet tooth! It’s hard to choose between all the great businesses open but here is my top four for the winter.  

Le Point G Le Point G, the g spot in English, is straight up the best location in town for macarons. This awesome dessert from France is becoming more popular each day here in Montreal. Get a nice box or a pyramid to share amongst friends and enjoy it with a glass of champagne!

Suite 88

Suite 88 brings delicious and design together with their amazing creations. From an array of truffles to real chocolate shooters, you will definitely finds a product for each type of person you are buying for, including you of course! The reason to keep going back: their hot chocolate in many exciting flavors that turns in a mousse if you can’t finish it all and place it in the refrigerator.

Cocoa Locale

Cocoa Locale is a charming cake shop owned by Reema Singh. Her cakes are all made with love and covered in flowers. Each one looks a little bit different making it unique for the client. The cupcakes are the main reason why I am sold to Cocoa Locale. Pass by and choose one between lemon, vanilla and chocolate chai and you will think twice about buying another mass produced cupcake in the future!

Olive + Gourmando

Olive & Gourmando is one of my favorite locations for lunch items, especially their sandwiches which are to die for! On week-ends, I also like to pick up a pastry or two to enjoy at home. Their selection is quite exciting and everything is baked fresh on-site. I especially recommend their palmier available from noon!

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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