Tourtière Australienne

April 29, 2010

Toutière Australienne

Toutière Australienne

A new restaurant/take-out counter opened up not so long ago on Avenue du Parc and I have been curious about it since the first time I noticed it. With a big logo saying Ta, what could they be serving?

Well I finally got my answer last week and I went back for more today! Tourtière Australienne is an Australian pie counter, based on their famous meat pies. Of course, like most places opening in Montreal, flavors have been revisited to offer more than 10 exciting kinds like butter chicken - which is my favorite so far.

Single portion pies are sold at $4 taxes included if they’re frozen, and $4.50 plus taxes if warm. They also sell family size pies for $15.

Tourtière Australienne - Steak & Mushrooms

Tourtière Australienne - Steak & Mushrooms

I decided to go with a classic today and tried Steak and Mushrooms. Once again, I was impressed by how good the stew inside was and how light the crust was.

Conclusion: Definitely a place to try for its original concept, lovely staff and perfectly sized portions.

TOURTIÈRE AUSTRALIENNE ADDRESS:4520 Avenue du Parc PHONE:514-277-7437HOURS:Closed on Mondays and TuesdaysALCOHOL:NoVEGETARIAN FRIENDLY:YesCREDIT CARDS:YesPRICE:Less than $10 for a pie, beverage and dessert

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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