Visit at Pointe-Nord, including a little scoop!

June 22, 2012

9030b parc01 low 1024x640 1 Last week, I was invited to a foodie event by Pointe-Nord at Nun’s Island for the unveiling of the project’s showcase restaurant.

I had never heard of the project before and I was presently surprised about what I found out. What is being done at the north of Nun’s Island is exciting and I was sold on the idea of visiting the area more often in the future, especially on my bike!

You can get more info about the development of Pointe-Nord but in a few words, it’s a LEED neighborhood being created and built on the water side. There’s something very special about this quality of life so close to Montreal and during my visit, I sometimes felt like I walking through the streets of the new condos built next to the port in Buenos Aires (my last trip!).

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The bites that were served through the evening were great and I especially appreciated the fresh gazpacho and the salmon blinis.

Sadly, it still gave me no clue as to who was the restaurant behind it until the speech came up and I learned that Les Enfants Terribles were joining the project and opening a second restaurant right by the water and bike path!

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I have to confess that I have not yet tried Les Enfants Terribles but anyone I know who has been before is sold to the place. I was given the chance to quickly interview the owner of the restaurant Francine Brûlé and her son Alexandre Brûlé Brosseau who will take over this new location.

I asked Les Enfants Terribles if the new location would keep the same name and same concept and Francine Brûlé assured me that it would remain the same. What is important to her is the homey feeling that she brings with the food and the crowd and she loves seeing the same people over and over again. It even happens that she gets worried when a particular patron doesn’t show up after a while since it’s really become the second home of a lot of people who enjoy the delicious food and vibe.

I’ve always thought that the name was pretty cool and Francine took the lead and explained where it came from. She went on a family trip in the south with her 3 sons years ago. Of course, they enjoyed the vacation a little more than they should have and instead of going out until the morning hours, it was more until the afternoon the day after. She waited for them on the beach and when they finally arrived, one of them told her that she should name the restaurant “Les Enfants Terribles” meaning the terrible children. She couldn’t agree more and replied that she would even stick the faces of her 3 boys all over the place and so she did when the restaurant opened and it still remains the same.

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The restaurant will be located in a prime spot looking towards the water through a public park and bicycle path. I confirmed that this bike path is directly linked with the Champlain bridge ice control structure between Montreal (along Lachine Canal) and Nun’s Island.

It makes for a perfect day of riding and dining to me and I can’t wait to try it! Other businesses will open in the future but you can already find a Mamis Clafoutis which is part of the top bakeries in Montreal and it was recently featured in the National Geographic app A Taste of Montreal.

All the gorgeous photos were taken by my improvised photographer @lauragarri

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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