Yuma, The Meal Delivery Service Montreal Has Been Missing!

July 29, 2018


Article cover from itsyuma.com Montreal’s got plenty of meal delivery services, I know. But this one’s a game changer in my opinion and I’ll tell you why below! To be transparent, I received a $25 coupon which I used for a $50 order.

First Off, What Is Yuma?

Yuma is a meal delivery startup launched by co-founders Laura Khoury & Adam Albarghouthi. Their modern website links you directly to Montreal caterers & the weekly menu they offer. The caterers can be home-based or known restaurants.

3 Things That Sets Them Apart From The Competition

1) The Pricing

Most meals start at $9. There are no taxes but a quality fee of 7% and the delivery is free! The more you order, the less you pay as many caterers offer meal packages to cover a full week of eating.

2) The Selection

The first thing I noticed about Yuma while I browsed the menus was how healthy all the caterers are! Nobody will make you a poutine there but you’ll still be able to find a macro-friendly & gluten free burger plate ;) On top of GF options, there are also vegan caterers.

3) The Customer Service

I was quite pleased with how quickly both the caterer I picked & the Yuma team would reply to any of my questions. I also received a call a week after my order to get my opinion on the whole experience. A lot of food delivery startups seem to really not care about you once they got your money but it wasn’t the case with Yuma.

My Personal Experience With Rustic Nutrition


I picked Rustic Nutrition because the menu seemed pretty paleo friendly, which is still the way I aim to eat when I’m home. It was fun to meet the caterer, Dina, in person when she delivered the meals. It gives you a chance to ask any questions or give feedback if it’s not the first time.

The meals were all flavourful and it was so helpful to have them around while I moved into my new place!

Will I Order Again?

Yes, for sure! I work from home and I love to cook so it’s not something that I need on a regular basis. However, whenever I come back from a long trip or work is overwhelming, I always start ordering meals. I love knowing that I have a reliable & healthy option.

Check them out right here!

Written by Sofia Shendi who lives and works in Montreal, as the CTO of Tastet. Join me on Twitter

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